Pinterest Shares “Halloween Search Trends”

Before Christmas comes Halloween! So, most social media networks are launching campaigns for a trick or treat. Last August, Snapchat published a “Scary-Goods Halloween Insights.” Today, Pinterest shares “Halloween Search Trends.”

For the visual search engine, Halloween 2020 was very much different. The COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing measures have limited celebrations to small home gatherings. Today, as the world goes back to the new normal, people are looking forward to bouncing back. So, searches on Pinterest increase 3x for the upcoming “All Hallows’ Eve.” Pinterest’s “Halloween Search Trends” highlights the top searches that the platform has received concerning aesthetics, costume, decors, and food.  

Halloween Aesthetics

The top trending term on “Halloween Search Trends” is “Retro Halloween Aesthetics” increasing by 76 times over last year. Among the top pinner searches for Halloween aesthetics are:

  • Pinners are exploring fairy core makeup 31 times more than in 2020. These include colorful eyeshadows, face stamps, luminous foundations, wings across the eyes, etc.
  • Next on the top searches of Halloween aesthetics are goblin core makeup increasing 4 times more than in 2020. 
  • Cottage core, dark elf, and mermaid looks increase 2 times than last year’s searches. Aquatic looks, elf ears, mushroom hair, flower paints, and shell crowns are most preferred.

Halloween Costumes

Just like searches on aesthetics, fairy costume searches increase 76 times. Searches for cottage core witch outfits increase 11 times, wood elf costume searches increase 5 times, evil mermaid costume searches increase 4 times, and clown core fashion searches increase 2 times.

Halloween Decors

Pumpkin decors are still strong this year with the following “Halloween Search Trends”: 

  • Book pumpkin DIY up by 3 times
  • DIY pumpkin garland up by 3 times
  • Vintage Halloween decors up by 3 times
  • Yarn pumpkin DIY up by 11 times

Halloween Food

Apples are the new pumpkins this year as they replace the Halloween menu. Among the recipes on “Halloween Search Trends” are:

  • apple dumpling recipe (3x)
  • apple pie enchiladas (3x)
  • apple cider donut cake (4x)
  • country apple fritter bread (4x)

Pinterest shares “Halloween Search Trends” on 29 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Pinterest’s “Halloween Search Trends” shows a lot of potential items to market. For marketers, they can be a guide to align campaigns on what people are looking for. They can help ensure your Halloween campaign is a hit.


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