Meta Shares Inspiration to Facebook Live Streams

Meta shares inspiration to Facebook live streams. This is through a recent blog featured by Meta for creators. On the same day last year, the platform enabled multi-participants on live streams. That is why it is now sharing ideas and tips to fuel creators.

The inspiration comes from 3 creators that have significantly driven engagement using Facebook live videos. They are the Mexican beauties Lupita Cardoza, Maggie Magaña, and Priscila Arias. These lifestyle content creators have found that Facebook live streams are effective ways to drive results and improve closer connections.

Lupita Cardoza

Lupita Cardoza has produced 235 Facebook live streams from May to October 2021. That is 352% more than what she produced in 2020. Live streams have become a part of Lupita’s content strategy because it shows a great impact on the day-to-day lives of her viewers. Lupita follows a topic schedule about her daily routine and relevant trends. She also learned the importance of pre-production – from having a script to key ideas on materials and props.

Meta Shares Inspiration to Facebook Live Streams

Maggie Magaña

Maggie Magaña gathered 54 million views on her live streams from May to October 2021. She decided to continue using such a format after seeing an overall increase in her Facebook engagement stats, including comments, interactions, and sharing. Maggie found out that a 20-minute live stream generates stronger engagement. Maggie had a team of people helping her with the live streams. They brainstorm about theme developments, weekly agendas, and uncovering trends.

Priscila Arias

Priscila Arias is the creator of the La Fatshionista IG page. She produced 95 live streams from May to October 2021. These live videos accumulated 15 million views. Priscila highlights that content is what makes a live stream successful. With a team that helps her interact with fans during the live broadcast, she has successfully bolstered real-time engagement.

Meta shares inspiration to Facebook live streams on 15 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

It just shows that live streams are a powerful way to boost engagement on both Facebook and Instagram. For marketers, they do not need fancy equipment or big influencers. The best asset of a live stream is relevant and valuable content.


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