Meta Launches Small Business Studios

Meta Launches Small Business Studios

More than 72% of businesses are going digital today. It is because of the great demand for online shopping after the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why Meta (rebranded Facebook) continuously enhances its business suite. To further level up the competition, Meta launches small business studios.

Meta Launches Small Business Studios

Meta’s small business studios offer the following on-demand support to help small businesses grow and strengthen their digital marketing strategies. It includes one-on-one expert support from the following creative training experts:

  • Sasha Afelzweig, Meta’s Business Marketing Manager
  • Darlene Helena, a Digital Marketing Consultant
  • JJ Harris, Creative Director & Founder of Techboogie
  • Tristen Sutton, a Social Media Ad Expert

The hub also houses a series of training and workshops, including:

  • Creative ads creation, Branding, Mobile Photography, Reels, and Video skills
  • Digital Marketing training for Building Online Presence, Business Growth, Establishing Facebook & Instagram Presence, and Personalized Ads

Meta launches small business studios on 20 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Meta’s small business studios are a good initiative to help marketers better handle the platform’s various development options and tools. It is a hub worth visiting for small brands and businesses.


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