Meta Introduces WhatsApp Cloud API

Meta Introduces WhatsApp Cloud API

The first-ever “Conversations” conference happens today! “Conversations” is a virtual event for Meta’s businesses, developers, and partners. With a metaverse vision of interconnected virtual spaces, Meta introduces WhatsApp Cloud API.

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Last June 2021, Meta updated WhatsApp API with end-to-end encryption, Making it a secure platform prepared WhatsApp for cloud integration. Starting today, it will provide secure cloud hosting for all brands and businesses. Meta servers will now host WhatsApp conversations, improving its connection and speed. It will also facilitate affordable and faster access to WhatsApp Business by eliminating server expenses.

Meta introduces WhatsApp Cloud API on 19 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

WhatsApp Cloud API can be highly valuable among marketers of small brands and businesses. It can help them build a tech stack without the need to hire a third-party vendor. It can help them maximize their transactions within the app.


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