Meta Introduces Meta Advantage

Meta Introduces Meta Advantage

Meta is doing everything to mitigate the impact of stricter privacy rules. To help brands and businesses, it launched an advertiser success center, a music revenue-sharing program, and small business studios. Today, Meta introduces Meta Advantage.

Meta Introduces Meta Advantage

Meta Advantage is the new hub for automated ad products. It uses advanced technology to help brands and businesses earn and sustain better marketing results on Facebook and Instagram. Ads under Meta Advantage have two categories. These are the advantage products and advantage+ products.

Under the advantage products group, advertisers can automate the setup of a manual campaign to boost its performance. Under the advantage+ products group, advertisers can automate the entire campaign or any one of the five steps (Audience, Budget/Bidding, Destination, Placements, and Creative).

The update will roll out to eCommerce and retail advertisers by the 15th of August. Meta introduces Meta Advantage on 10 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Meta Advantage is a must-try for every Facebook and Instagram marketer. Equipped with proven analytics, it can be a more effective option for creating ads and campaigns.


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