Meta Builds New Social Experiences on Gaming

Facebook gaming is becoming a big hit since last year. That is why the platform added monetization tools for gaming creators such as the level-up program, live breaks, and stars. It also enabled Messenger integration on Oculus VR gaming. After rebranding to Meta, the eligibility for cryptocurrency ads expanded. Today, Meta builds new social experiences on gaming.

Facebook Gaming growth

The new social experience on gaming is called “Play Watch Connect.” It is a framework that aims to deliver more immersive social experiences around Facebook games. It will build 3 pillars together:

  • Playing games
  • Watching gaming videos
  • Connecting with others around games

The main aspect of Meta’s new social experiences on gaming is the ability to jump into a game with just a click of the button while watching a game stream. This can make gaming fairly lightweight without the need to download. 

Meta builds new social experiences on gaming as of 07 December 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Meta’s new social experiences on gaming are another way to win back the younger generation on Facebook. For marketers, it may be worth trying a new strategy that revolves around Facebook gamification. With 1 billion members of Facebook’s gaming community, it can boost brand engagement and reach. 


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