Earning in Facebook Through Stars

Last 29 June 2020, Facebook expanded access to fan support products. This is to help creators earn money through the content they shared. The highlight of such expansion is Facebook Stars. It’s a feature that fans can buy and send to creators during a live stream. Facebook will then pay creators $0.01 for every star received. As such, it’s a new way of earning on Facebook through stars.

Marc Rebillet, an electronic musician from New York, goes live on Facebook at a regular interval. He usually does a 2-hour Live Stream every Sunday on his Facebook Page. This is to share his funky beats with his fans. Marc started his Facebook Page in 2018. He only gained five to ten thousand followers after a year. As fans share his content, he became very visible on Facebook and his followers grew to a large number. That’s where he started looking for ways to earn on his Facebook Page. 

Marc then joins Facebook’s creator Level Up program. He then discovered Facebook Stars and received 800 thousand stars on his first two months after using it. This is between April and May 2020. Marc doubled down his live streaming effort. He also added limited-edition merchandise for a fundraising event for COVID-19 global giving. The live event is entitled “QuarantStream.” It raises $34,000 from 100% merchandise sales. 

Marc shares his journey on earning on Facebook through stars this 13 August 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Stars are an excellent way to earn on Facebook. Marketers can optimize Live Broadcast and Events to take advantage of such a feature. The key is creativity and consistency as Marc relayed. Be creative in posting teasers through Facebook stories. Schedule a regular live event or streaming to highlight your brand. You can even post merchandise for sale during the live videos.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/creators/marc-rebillet-facebook-stars


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