Meta Adds New Features on Reels

Meta Adds New Features on Reels

Meta adds new features on Reels. These new tools give creators new options to create, earn, engage, and grow. Reels are a TikTok clone of music clips that can last up to 90 seconds. They are fun and immersive videos that brands and businesses use to entertain fans and reach new audiences.

Meta Adds New Features on Reels

Add Stickers on Images and Videos

Meta now enables Reels stickers for both Facebook and Instagram. These include emoji sliders, links, polls, and quizzes. Instagrammers can better connect with people and join or start a trend using Reels stickers.

Meta Adds New Features on Reels

Auto-Created Reels

Turn your memories and stories into auto-created Reels. Instagrammers can now convert archived stories into Reels through a “Create from Your Story Archive” prompt in the Reels creation flow. It is similar to the convert your video assets in the Creator Studio.

Meta Adds New Features on Reels

Creator Studio Insights for Facebook Reels

To see what’s working or not, Meta also expands Creator Studio insights to Facebook Reels. These include the average watch time, minutes viewed, and the number of comments, likes, or shares.

Cross-Posting of Reels

Meta also expands cross-posting of Reels to Facebook. Facebook users can now share Reels from Facebook to Instagram or vice versa to expand reach.

Meta Adds New Features on Reels

Remix in Sequence

Add your own spin to a Facebook Reels clip via the remix sequence. Such a feature is now available to both Facebook and Instagram Reels.

Meta Adds New Features on Reels

Stars on Facebook Reels

Meta expands stars on Facebook Reels. It is a new way to earn money via Facebook Reels. To receive stars, a creator needs to meet certain eligibilities, including maintaining at least 1000 followers over the last 60 days.

Meta adds new features on Reels as of 16 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

As Meta adds new features on Reels, the platform gives marketers more options to create Reels ads that can boost conversion, engagement, and sales.


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