The Global Launch of LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn has evolved from an online portfolio platform into a community of 700 million professionals. Members have been sharing millions of messages every week. In 2019, there were 5 billion connections made within the network. Albeit, LinkedIn is an underrated social media platform. It may be because of its lack of structure. As such, LinkedIn now features a redesigned look highlighting the global launch of LinkedIn Stories.

The Global Launch of LinkedIn Stories

Over the past five months, LinkedIn has been rolling out new features to put a common front within the community. LinkedIn launched virtual events solutions on 12 May 2020. It added more customized posts options in content creation. LinkedIn’s redesigned look is brighter with the use of a pastel color scheme. It also has added features, the main one being LinkedIn Stories.

LinkedIn Stories was first launched in Brazil last 14 April 2020. It allows a LinkedIn user to share a 20-second clip that will be on air within 24 hours. They can insert stickers and text on the short video. Only first-hand LinkedIn followers can send a direct message using LinkedIn Stories. The Stories will roll out in Canada and the United States this week and in all other parts of the globe shortly. 

Other updates on the redesigned LinkedIn are:

  • Enabled BlueJeans (by Verizon), Teams, and Zoom video calls;
  • Message editing functionality;
  • Personalized search results extending beyond one’s immediate network.

LinkedIn’s redesigned look highlighting the global launch of LinkedIn Stories rolls out on 24 September 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Linked Stories are a new option to connect with your target audience on the platform. For marketers, Stories have proven to be one of the best social media marketing tools. It’s a way to highlight the value of a brand in a short period. It boosts brand awareness through the sharing of more digestible content. Stories are treated as a separate channel and last for only 24-hours. Continuously sharing Stories on a LinkedIn Page doesn’t clog feeds. Instead, it attracts more traffic for a business.



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