LinkedIn Tests a New Discover Feed

LinkedIn Tests a New Discover Feed

Discovery and engagement are two of the major goals of LinkedIn. That is why the platform enabled carousel posts, collective, and an Events’ boost button. Today, LinkedIn tests a new discover feed.

LinkedIn Tests a New Discover Feed

Many LinkedIn users go to the platform to discover knowledge, inspiring conversations, hiring teams, lead groups, and relevant news. As such, LinkedIn is now testing a new discover feed. It is a dedicated space to help users discover trending conversations, events, newsletters, and videos. LinkedIn’s Editorial Team algorithmically curated these recommendations, aligned with the users’ interests.

LinkedIn tests a new discover feed on 11 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

The new discover feed on LinkedIn can be a great way for marketers to boost brand awareness and engagement. By creating relevant and valuable content for their target audience, brands can end up on the discover feed.


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