LinkedIn Releases Latest Sales Navigator and Opportunity Discovery Options

LinkedIn’s performance in the social media world is progressively making a success as it has released its own guide for marketers, targeting wealth management firms. The guide gives insights into how to connect with a broader audience, as well as information about cryptocurrency. Today, the company has releases its quarterly update on Sales Navigator Platform

LinkedIn Releases Latest Sales Navigator and Opportunity Discovery Options

The app’s home page has been redesigned to focus more on Alerts and Priority Accounts and a new “Bookmarked Alerts” button that allows users to customize their alerts display. In Sales Navigator, LinkedIn has also enhanced its Search options, giving users more information on how to use the data you have to find the relevant leads and accounts easier. 

In addition to their latest update, the company is now integrating a new “At-Risk Opportunities” list, which will highlight contacts who have left open opportunities generated by one’s CRM data, as well as more advanced CRM connection options.

“Now, when clicking into the Search toolbar, sellers will automatically be directed to a new intuitive and collapsible larger view that shows all available filters, including additional options like “Company Headquarters” and “TeamLink connections of.” As you refine your search and change filters, you can watch your results update as you go, shortening the time to find your ideal leads at new or existing accounts.”


This is a wonderful approach to bring attention to the numerous search filters that are accessible in the app, which many people will not notice until they start searching.

LinkedIn launches their quarterly update for Sales Navigator on 10 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

With a number of critical insights based on LinkedIn’s huge collection of professional information, Sales Navigator may help shed light on significant opportunities, guiding marketers to more lucrative, useful connections. The new structure of the home page will let marketers see this potential, and the more upfront presentation of the various search criteria will help them better grasp the options they have when it comes to finding what they’re looking for. The update on the layout will make it easier for marketers to remain on top of the most important aspects of their process while also allowing for some level of personalization via the bookmarked updates.


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