LinkedIn Previews New Post Analytics

LinkedIn Previews New Post Analytics

LinkedIn is back on track. The platform has been rolling out new features and tools to support the marketing approach of brands and businesses. Recently, it enabled audio events, discovery options for the Sales Navigator, and service page listing. Today LinkedIn previews new post analytics.

LinkedIn post analytics preview

LinkedIn’s new post analytics aims to provide content performance insights. It is a result of the feedback and requests from a majority of LinkedIn members. “Post Analytics” will show the types of reactions that a single post received, plus the number of reactions received for each type. It will also show specific insights on who is reading a LinkedIn post – industry, job title, location, etc. One can view “Post Analytics” by going to the activity section of a LinkedIn profile, tapping articles or posts, then tapping the analytics icon.

LinkedIn previews new post analytics on 24 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

LinkedIn’s new post analytics can help marketers understand what content is resonating. Valuable data like these can greatly help brands maximize their marketing strategy.


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