LinkedIn Enables In-App Link Stickers

LinkedIn Enables In-App Link

LinkedIn now joins the eCommerce bandwagon. The platform recently launched carousel posts, LinkedIn Stories, and product listings on profiles. Today, LinkedIn enables in-app link stickers.

LinkedIn Enables In-App Link Stickers

LinkedIn’s in-app link stickers are clickable links to a post. Brands and businesses can add them to images or text posts. The links can be placed within the frame in variable sizes. To add one, a LinkedIn user needs to go to the post creation tool and click the dedicated chain link icon. For now, LinkedIn’s in-app link stickers are available in the mobile version of the app. However, all LinkedIn users can see and interact with the links.

LinkedIn enables in-app link stickers on 04 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

LinkedIn’s in-app link stickers can help marketers convert more audiences easily and drive external traffic. It can be a valuable tool to increase website traffic among brands and businesses.


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