LinkedIn Enables Hindi Profiles

LinkedIn has been focusing on strengthening profiles. Recently, it introduced the Creator mode and added new Company Pages tools. Currently, the platform has recorded India as the second largest region with the most users. It now stands at 82 million LinkedIn members. As such, LinkedIn enables Hindi profiles.

LinkedIn user map

Indians can now say “Namaste” on LinkedIn. LinkedIn makes Hindi profiles available for all Android, desktop, and iOS users. They can access their feeds, create content, and send messages using the Hindi language. They can also apply for jobs via the platform in Hindi. LinkedIn Hindi profiles aim to break down the language barrier to almost 600 million Hindi users worldwide. To date, LinkedIn now supports 25 languages.

LinkedIn enables Hindi profiles on 02 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

As LinkedIn enables Hindi profiles, it is expanding opportunities within the platform. Marketers should keep an eye on such updates. Using a new language can bring potentials to boost engagement and revenues.


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