Leveraging Instagram’s New “Close Friends” Feature for Targeted Marketing

Instagram has recently updated its “Close Friends” feature, originally introduced in 2018 for Stories, and later expanded to include Notes and Reels. This enhancement allows users to share feed posts and Reels exclusively with a select group of people listed in their “Close Friends” list. This feature provides a more enclosed and private engagement option compared to public posting, catering to evolving user behaviors and the demand for more intimate sharing spaces on social media platforms.

Leveraging Instagram's New "Close Friends" Feature for Targeted Marketing

To use this new feature, users need to select the “Audience” tab before sharing a feed post or Reel, and then choose the “Close Friends” option. After selecting this option and hitting the share button, the content will be visible only to the accounts listed in the user’s “Close Friends” group, marked with a green star icon for recognition. This update signifies Instagram’s ongoing efforts to offer more personalized and private sharing options, allowing users to control their audience more selectively and maintain privacy in their social media interactions.

Instagram updates its new Close Friends feature on 14 November 2023.

Implication for Marketers:

The new “Close Friends” feature on Instagram offers marketers a unique opportunity for targeted campaigns. By creating exclusive content for a select audience, brands can foster deeper engagement and loyalty. This feature is ideal for sharing special promotions, behind-the-scenes content, or personalized messages, enhancing the sense of exclusivity and community among a brand’s most dedicated followers. It’s a strategic tool for nurturing brand advocates and delivering tailored experiences that resonate on a more personal level.


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