Instagram Tests New Tools for Safer Internet

Instagram Tests New Tools for Safer Internet

It’s Safer Internet Day! Unlike other events where Instagram added AR effects, like the recent Lunar Year celebration, the platform commemorates it differently. Instagram tests new tools for Safer Internet Day.

manage your activity

Activity Center

Late last year, Instagram has been testing a new experience for users to manage their activities better. The updated activity center now rolls out as “Your Activity” to everyone. It allows users to filter their content by date. It also allows users to archive or delete their content and interactions in bulk.

Proactive Security Checkup

Security Checkup

Security checkup is a new interface that guides users on how to secure an account. This is similar to the Messenger safety tips. To complete a security checkup, just go to the profile settings of an Instagram account and click security, then tap security checkup. The interface will take the following course of action:

  • Checking login activity
  • Confirming the accounts that share login information  
  • Reviewing profile information
  • Updating accounts recovery contact information such as email address and phone number
trusted friends

Unlocking Locked Accounts

Instagram enables a new process in unlocking locked accounts. To regain access, users can ask for help from their friends to confirm their identity in the app. The process starts by asking for a locked account with a previously used password. Then the user will be asked to call 2 connections to confirm their identity. If the 2 connections reply within 24 hours, the user will regain access by entering a new password.

Instagram tests new tools for safer internet on 08 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram’s new tools for safer internet give users more control over their privacy and safety. For marketers, they are also a safer option to manage Instagram business pages. What’s more interesting is how brands can leverage “Your Activity” to track content and interactions as a guide for future decisions.


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