Messenger Publishes Tips for Safer Internet Day

The 8th of February marks the celebration of Safer Internet Day. Since 2004, the event was celebrated every year to promote more responsible and safer use of online technology, including mobile phones. Today, Messenger publishes tips for Safer Internet Day.

Messenger Publishes Tips for Safer Internet Day
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Start with Your Messaging Inbox

Safer Internet starts with respect in your messaging inbox. Limit messaging to certain hours every day. Check your tolerance for inappropriate language and lewd jokes. Or think about messages that have crossed the line. You can either use the Messenger safety features of blocking, reporting, or restricting. Or you can openly talk to the sender about it. Talk to your kids to do the same.

Set Boundaries

Messenger settings give users the freedom to choose who they want to connect with. You can set whether you want to be visible online. You can also control your message request folder on who can and cannot send you a message.

Take Control

When you encounter disrespect, Messenger is equipped with tools to help you take control. These include the following:

  • Block a Contact to stop receiving messages from the said contact.
  • Report a Message if you think it violated Community Standards.
  • Restrict a Contact to remove a contact on the chat list. It will no longer show you visible online to the said contact.

Messenger also publishes a decision tree to help users set boundaries in messaging. Messenger publishes tips for Safer Internet Day on 07 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Messenger’s tips for Safer Internet Day are reminders to visit our settings and take control. For marketers, it is important to focus on potentially safe conversations for a more reputable branding.


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