Google Hosts 2022 I/O Summit

Google Hosts 2022 I/O Summit

Google hosts the 2022 I/O Summit! It is an annual “innovation in the open” conference for developers and Googlers. Last year, the 2021 Google’s I/O Conference highlighted new ways to shop. It expanded its partnership with Shopify, enabled shopping graph, and Google AR Lenses.

Google’s 2022 I/O Summit announces more shopping tools. These include an expanded “About this” insights, a more immersive Google map, a new Carousel ads format, a new virtual card payment option, and a remove search result option. 

Expanded “About This” Insights

Users can now view a new tab when doing a Google search. The expanded “About this” insights allow searchers to check a brief description of the source URL.

More Immersive Google Map

It merges aerial images and street views to have a more comprehensive and interactive digital model of the world. The new Google map gives users a better experience of what a landmark, neighborhood, popular venue, restaurant, etc., looks like.

New Carousel Ads Format

The new format displays large images that users can swipe along. The expanded image comes together with the product name, price, ratings or reviews, and a “show on” button. Clicking the “show on” button will start the Carousel ads rolling.

New Virtual Card Payment Option

Users can now pay for products online without having to enter their credit card numbers. Initially, users will be asked if they want to use a virtual number when they come across the field to enter a card’s 16-digit number. Once activated, Amex, Mastercard, and Visa cardholders will have a unique virtual card for each Google Merchant. 

Remove Search Result Option

Users can now take more control of their search results. A simplified application flow prompts them to remove their personal info from their searches.

Google hosts the 2022 I/O Summit starting on 11 May 2022

Implications to Marketers:

Google’s 2022 I/O Summit offers a range of new features and tools for searchers ad shoppers. Such impressive updates can be important considerations for marketers to showcase brands and businesses online.


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