Google Enables Performance Max Tools

Google Enables Performance Max Tools

Google is the largest global search engine. Today, it is set to become a major eCommerce platform. The platform enabled multi-search options to make it easier to find products and services online. It also introduced new store badges to highlight reputable and verified merchants. Today, Google enables performance max tools. The main goal of Google’s performance max campaigns is to help brands and businesses find the best ad mixes among their ads inventory. It houses the following features:

Consumer Interest Insights

Consumer interest insights were added to help advertisers uncover search themes to better deliver engaging conversations. It includes an asset audience insights to understand the images, text, and video assets that best resonate with online searchers. While diagnostic insights will provide data on setup issues preventing Google ads from showing up to searchers.

New Customer Acquisition Goals

A new customer acquisition goal that allows advertisers to either bid on new customer groups or bid for more new customers out of existing customer groups while maintaining cost-efficiency. This can be achieved through Google’s auto-detection method, conversion tags, and customer match lists.

Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns

Google also adds two new improvements to its smart shopping and local campaigns. Discover and search text ads will be added to the recommendations page after upgrading to performance max.

All these improvements and upgrades will be rolled out within the next few weeks. Google enables performance max tools on 26 April 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Google’s performance max is a great option for marketers to drive conversions via Google ads. Using Google’s artificial intelligence to automate advertisers’ insights, they can boost the real-time performances of ads and campaigns.


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