Google Highlights Its Fact-Checking Tools

Google Highlights Its Fact-Checking Tools

This year, the International Fact-Checking Day will happen on the 2nd of April. It is a special day to combat misinformation. As part of their responsibilities, social media platforms enabled ways to promote accurate and true content posting. Facebook launched mentorship programs, Twitter expanded misinformation reporting, and today, Google highlights its fact-checking tools.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet & Google, commits an extra $10 million to support civil organizations in fighting misinformation. The Google chief highlights the platform’s fact-checking tools with the commitment.

This GIF shows an example of how you can use About This Result to learn more about a source and topic. It shows a person clicking on the About This Result panel for a result on a search about investing in NFTs, and shows information about the source of the result and information from other sources about the topic.

About These Results

Discover new websites as your search the “About These Results” on Google. You can find this section by clicking the three dots on a Google search result page and clicking the “more about these page” link. They can give you additional context about the topic, learn more about the source, and learn what others say about the site.

This GIF shows an example of a search you can do in Fact Check Explorer. In this example a person searches for the phrase “bird fire” and gets results fact checking that claim.

Google’s Fact-Checker

Google’s Fact Check Explorer is a tool that allows a searcher to search disputed topics from reputable publishers globally. The results are snippets that can give you context about a claim.

This GIF shows an example of how the new “highly cited” label can appear in Top Stories. It shows a story about Major League Baseball from the Tampa Bay Times with the label, with stories from ESPN and other news organizations below.

Highly Cited Sources

These labels aim to elevate original reporting. Such labels will appear on announcements, interviews, local news, and press releases linked to the original source of a trending topic.

This GIF shows an example of how the new information literacy tips will appear on notices for rapidly evolving topics. For the query “UFO filmed by airline pilot,” the GIF shows a notice that results are changing quickly and information literacy tips suggesting that you can check the source or come back later when more information is available.

Search Alerts

When news is breaking or a new topic is trending, Google will automatically show a notice that the information you are checking on a web page is still under verification. The alert includes tips to help evaluate the information online. It is currently available in 20 languages, including English.

Google highlights its fact-checking tools on 31 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

As Google highlights its fact-checking tools, it is helping marketers rank valuable content among searches. Posting accurate information and valuable context is a surefire way to rank on Google.


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