Google Adds New Store Badges

Google Adds New Store Badges

Google is now focusing on making chrome a powerful platform for digital shopping. The platform enabled fact-checking tools and local store listing. Today, Google adds new store badges as chrome extensions.

Established Publisher Badge

An established publisher badge is given to a business with a verified identity. It also means that they have complied with Google’s policies and programs.

Featured Badge

This badge will be given to a Google Merchant who meets a high user design and experience standard. It also means that they followed the best practices on the technical requirement of Google My Business. Such criteria will be manually assessed by Google’s team. The featured badge will display under the Google Store listing, adding a level of assurance to online searchers.

Google adds new store badges on 20 April 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Google’s new store badges on chrome extensions can be an assurance of the legitimacy and reputability of a business among online searchers. These can help marketers win the trust of the audience and can help boost data collection or lead generation.


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