Google Announces “Search On 2022”

Google Announces "Search On 2022"

Google has been making huge changes to its Search algorithms, which might affect your site traffic. The forthcoming “Search On 22” event will describe the latest improvements in Search and how Google plans to enhance its results.

Google Search professionals will explain the newest breakthroughs and approaches in Search ranking.


“During the event, you’ll hear about how Google is reimagining its core information products to help people make sense of the world in more natural and intuitive ways.”

That includes its latest ‘helpful content’ upgrade, which is aimed to better emphasize websites in Search results that provide information ‘for humans’

That might have a huge effect since SEO advice has always been to sprinkle keywords and search queries across content. Some websites have focused too much on technical SEO features when constructing pages, which has led to them gaming the system rather than giving relevant, helpful results for users.

Later this month, you can watch Google’s “Search On” live-stream here.

Search On 2022 will be conducted on 28 September 2022 at 10am PT/1pm ET. 

Implications to Marketers:

If you tune in for yourself, you can make sure that you obtain that context, which might enable you to maintain your pages ranking high going ahead.


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