Facebook Releases Version 136 of Spark AR Studio

Facebook Releases Version 136 of Spark AR Studio

New capabilities arrived for Facebook creators! Facebook releases version 136 of Spark AR Studio. Spark AR Studio houses features and tools for AR content creation. These include AR filters, AR games, multi-peer video calls, and Stories Frames. For a more immersive AR experience, the latest version boasts of the following new elements.

Spark AR effects example

Advanced Audio Engine

Version 136 of Facebook’s Spark AR Studio adds six new patches of music tracks, sound effects, and voice effects. Users can augment their audios through dynamic filters, oscillators, and vocoders. Mix multiple sounds through the compressor, gain, and mixer. Then, jumpstart your next effects using new music clip templates such as the Audio Visualizer and Piano Project.

Spark AR effects example

Depth-Responsive Effects

Spark AR Studio introduces the Camera Depth Texture. It is equipped with depth machine perception and mapping capabilities. By detecting the distance of objects and surfaces, it can help users create realistic effects such as lightning, post-processing, etc.

Occlusion Controls

A new occlusion feature allows users to blend virtual objects into real-world space. By partially obscuring them, they appear more believable o be within the camera’s field of view. A new template called Depth Color Overlay can be used to create a colorful sonar-like pulse effect.

Facebook releases version 136 of Spark AR Studio on 25 April 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

The latest version of Facebook Spark AR Studio can help marketers create more engaging and eye-catching AR ads and campaigns. It can boost digital connections and engagement with the target audiences of a brand.

Reference: https://sparkar.facebook.com/blog/expanding-ar-capabilities/

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