Facebook Releases How-To on Using WhatsApp for Business

Facebook Messenger may be the most popular messaging platform in the West, but WhatsApp has a hold on the Asian market and is growing more and more popular because of its enhanced privacy features. On 23 July, 2020, Facebook released an infographic showing how WhatsApp can be used for businesses.

WhatsApp is the largest messaging platform in the world, boasting of over 2 billion active users globally. With WhatsApp’s massive reach, businesses around the world are looking to turn WhatsApp into a platform for digital marketing. While it is not as diverse of a platform as other social media platforms, WhatsApp has continually been evolving and developing the app to add more features and make it more user-friendly.

This is in line with Facebook’s efforts to transform its platforms into viable eCommerce platforms. Facebook has even released a video showing WhatsApp’s features for business.

You can check out the full infographic here:


Implication for Marketers:

WhatsApp for businesses would provide a more diverse platform for brands to sell on. Marketers could explore the platform to see how they would be able to use this to their advantage, and they could possibly tapo into other audiences.



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