Facebook Launches Data Creative and Advertising Excellence

Facebook Launches “Data, Creative and Advertising Excellence”

Why is Facebook the king of social media? Because it houses valuable creative and data tools that connect people all over the world. Recently, the platform launched a campaign ideas generator, creative guidance navigator, and 2 new digital skillsMarketing Analytics and Software Development. Today, Facebook launches “Data, Creative and Advertising Excellence.”

Facebook’s “Data, Creative and Advertising Excellence” is a series of interviews with social media experts. The topics will focus on how to use creativity and data to achieve advertising excellence and better return on investment (ROI). 

Facebook video ad response data

The first interview of the series was hosted by Andy Ford, Facebook’s ANZ Head of Marketing Science. According to Ford, 70% of ROI in video advertising came from Facebook creatives. Together with James Greaney, CHE Proximity’s Chief Data Officer, and Jen Rhodes, BMF’s Head of Effectiveness & Data Strategy, the group discusses how brands can align creative approaches by using data insights and tools. 

Moving forward, Facebook is looking to interview more industry experts to provide more insights into creativity and data. Facebook launches “Data, Creative and Advertising Excellence” on 05 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Marketers should never miss watching the series of expert interviews of Facebook’s “Data, Creative and Advertising Excellence.” There are lots of valuable notes they can learn to succeed in Facebook advertising.


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