Facebook Previews Its Smart Glasses

Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of the physical world. It is a technology that has greatly been shaping advertising and gaming nowadays. It enabled AR try-on when shopping online. AR games are also the latest marketing craze. No wonder, Facebook created a dedicated team to handle its AR/VR innovations. Today, Facebook previews its smart glasses. Last September 2020, Facebook launched Project Aria. It is an initiative to create wearable AR glasses. 

Facebook Ray Ban promo

The project is in partnership with Luxottica, the maker of Ray-Ban. Today, Facebook and Ray-Ban announce the launch of smart glasses on 09 September. Facebook announces a tweet made by the head of Facebook Reality Labs, Andrew Bosworth (Boz). While Ray-Ban publishes a promo page to sign up for smart glasses.

The functions of Facebook smart glasses are very much like Snapchat spectacles. The smart glasses can capture real-world views that users can share on Facebook and Instagram Direct. It will also be interesting to see how Ray-Ban integrates camera elements on cool and fashionable smart glasses. Moving forward, Facebook is looking at adding navigation and recognition functions to its smart glasses.

Facebook previews its smart glasses on 07 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook smart glasses are a significant move to integrate augmented reality among functional pieces.  With a heads-up display similar to the view of the human eye, it can be a future marketing tool to promote products and services through smart glasses images and videos. 

Reference: https://www.theverge.com/2021/9/9/22664181/facebook-ray-ban-stories-smart-glasses-leak-launch-date

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