Facebook Introduces Social Good for Business Site

Christmas is a season of giving. For Facebook, it’s a critical time in supporting social good. In the late part of November, the platform kicked off  “Giving Tuesday.” It’s setting aside Tuesdays to support fundraising for a greater cause. Today, Facebook introduces the Social Good for Business Site.

A recent Facebook survey showed that 28% of consumers encouraged buying a product from a business supporting a social cause. It also shows that 65% of people favored brands that respond strongly to COVID-19 pandemic. Social good aims to drive businesses to a meaningful journey. Through insights, products, and tools, Social Good can unlock a better future not only for businesses but also for people and the world. Social Good has 3 main sections: 

  • Amplify your brand and impact. This section focuses on how to help businesses donate for a cause. Facebook suggests that they can donate a percentage of their sale on Facebook and Instagram Shops. They can also start a conversation with their customers via Messenger or WhatsApp to drive real-world impact.
  • Build a community for a cause. Facebook notes that fundraising can build loyal followers to a brand. As such, they can use the donate button or stickers via Live broadcast and Stories.
  • Show up where and when it matters. Businesses can also host a once-in-a-while, once-a-day, or once-a-year event to connect with the community and create awareness for a social cause. This they can do through Moments can make an impact during holidays or important events.

Facebook introduces Social Good for Business Site on 01 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Social Good is a Facebook mini-site that can help businesses make an impact in the community and the world. For marketers, this is an opportunity to learn how to campaign for a good cause and at the same time boost branding and loyalty. By amplifying what’s important to a brand, social good creates a win-win experience.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/announcing-social-good-for-business-resources/#

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