Facebook Introduces New “Community Awards”

Today, communities are in the heart of Facebook. That is why the king of social media continuously develops new features and tools to enhance engagement among Facebook Groups and Pages. Today, Facebook introduces new “Community Awards.”

Facebook Community Awards

Blogger Radu Oncescu tweets a screenshot of the new “Community Awards.” As retweeted by Matt Navarra, the new feature allows community admins to give awards for outstanding comments within the group. A new “Community Awards” prompt also shows beneath group posts to inform admins of the new feature. It is similar to top fan badges such as:

  • Conversation Starter for people who create engaging comments and posts.
  • Rising Star for new members who make engaging posts. 
  • Visual Story Teller for people who share engaging images and videos.

Facebook introduces the new “Community Awards” on 21 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s new “Community Awards” is a great addition to encourage engagement among members of Facebook groups and pages. For marketers, it can boost community building by promoting a welcoming environment among customers and followers.

Reference: https://twitter.com/oncescuradu/status/1440357465145495552

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