Facebook makes it easier for users to connect on Messenger group chats and events. Last 24 April 2020, it launched joinable group video calls. This 13 May 2020, Facebook links Messenger Rooms to group chats and events.


From the Groups composer, admins can create Messenger Rooms or allow members to create one (messenger group). Anyone who has the video chat link can join the Room, but it can only hold up to 50 people, including the admin. A group chat can have many Messenger Rooms, and the admins can delete any video chat. Messenger Rooms will also be available to Private Online Events. Just the same, it can only hold up to 50 people. Facebook users can create an “Online Event” through the Events page.

The linked Messenger Rooms to group chats and events can be accessed on desktop, Android, and IOS.

Implications for Marketers (messenger group):

Marketers can expand their reach as Messenger Rooms to group chats and events. With such features, it’s easier for group members to invite more people even outside Facebook and Messenger. It can also help drive awareness to brands and businesses. And such a direct conversation can be an opportunity to get a participant to make a purchase right away.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/community/whats-new/messenger-rooms-groups-events/

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