Facebook Enables Video Embedding Process

Facebook now focuses on enhancing its video features. With the rise of video marketing, the platform aims to help brands, businesses, and creators curate their video content and monetize them. Just recently, Facebook launched live shopping Fridays. These will run from 21 May to 16 July 2021 and will feature beauty, fashion, and health brands. Facebook also allowed paid events to local sports. They aim to boost video offerings and help smaller sports competitions. Today, Facebook enables the video embedding process.

Facebook video embed

Facebook now adds a new checkbox on its video uploading process. This is a video embed feature that allows users to choose a specific time where a video playback will start to play. By embedding a video on Facebook, users can highlight the best part of the clip to maximize engagement. This feature has long been in use among YouTubers but needs some coding knowledge. With Facebook’s video embedding process, it will be easier to choose the playback time without having to code.

Facebook enables the video embedding process on 28 May 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s video embedding process can help marketers highlight a relevant segment of a video clip among target audiences. As such, they can quickly inform readers about the benefit of a product through video ads. This can significantly boost brand discovery and sales. 

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-now-enables-you-to-embed-facebook-videos-at-a-chosen-time-in-the-p/601020/

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