Facebook announces its communities summit 2021

Facebook Groups have been an important part of the Facebook Community. That is why the platform regularly hosts an annual summit for group admins and moderators. Last October 2020, around 70 million group administrators witnessed the launch of new features and tools for Facebook Groups. These include admin assist, branded content, community management courses, and topic organization via hashtags. Today, Facebook announces its “Communities Summit 2021.”

Facebook Communities Summit (FCS) 2021 will happen on the 4th of November at 9:00 AM PT. Again, it will be a virtual event among community builders within the platform. During the summit, Facebook executives will discuss the latest products of the social media king. To join, you can RSVP here and tune in live on the Facebook App Facebook Page during the event.

Facebook Community Awards

FCS 2021 will also highlight the announcement of the “Facebook Community Awards.” It is the first time that Facebook will celebrate and rewards the participants of the Facebook Community Accelerator Program, which started last May. Winners for each category will receive $50,000. You can help Facebook decide the most inspiring stories by voting here from the 7th of October to the 22nd of October.

Facebook announces its “Communities Summit 2021” on 07 October 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook Communities Summit 2021 will empower Facebook groups to build impact and meaning across the world. It is a summit worth joining for marketers as Facebook Groups become more important in promoting brands, products, and services.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/community/whats-new/facebook-communities-summit-2021/

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