Facebook Introduces New Courses for Community Management

Facebook introduces new courses for community management. This is a follow up on Facebook’s effort to give everyone the power to build connections. Last 21 May 2020, Facebook Blueprint launched new free online courses on how to reach customers. This was followed by the Summer of Support Program last 24 June 2020. The new courses aim to help community managers become stronger leaders. This is by giving them tips and tools for building, growing, and supporting online communities.

Facebook Introduces New Courses for Community Management

Facebook’s Community Management eLearning Program covers the following modules:

How to Define and Establish an Online Community.

This module aims to teach the basic elements of building an online community. It includes:

  • How to build an online community
  • Community Goals
  • Guiding principles to support the online community

Community Building Processes and Strategies.

By sharting key processes and strategies, this module aims to nurture strong partnerships and scale online communities. The module includes:

  • Audience Strategy
  • Platform Strategy
  • Branding Strategy
  • Launch Strategy
  • Team Strategy
  • Operational Workflows
  • Partnership Strategy

Content Decision Strategies to Grow an Online Community.

Facebook believes that a content strategy is vital to growing a community. As such, this module provides practices and tools to create and plan a meaningful and relevant content strategy. It includes:

  • Relevant Content
  • Valuable Trends
  • Goal-driven Activities

Supporting Online Communities.

This module aims to equip community managers to cultivate a welcoming culture for all members of the online community.  Also, it gives them knowledge of the existing policies governing them.

  • Onboarding New Members
  • Member-to-Member Connections
  • Community Standards and Terms of Services
  • Crises and Conflicts
  • Community Operations

Online Community Analytics.

An overview of Facebook Analytics and how to use it to grow online communities. 

  • Content Performance
  • Feedback Collection
  • Data Reporting

Facebook introduces new courses for community management starting on 08 July 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook’s Community Management eLearning Program is a good way to learn how to build, grow, and support online communities. It’s a very important skill for community managers. Especially these days where most people rely on digital connections because of the lockdowns.

Marketers should consider taking this course to expand their community management skills. As such, they can explore new ways to engage in the digital community. This is where they could build more target audiences and learn how to maximize content to advocate a brand.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/free-online-course-for-community-managers/#

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