Facebook Adds More Tools for Group Admins

Facebook hosts its annual community summit this 01 October 2020. As expected, the platform announces new features. This year, the focus is on group and engagement. Facebook has recorded 70 million group administrators around the world. So, in the summit, it announces adding more tools for group admins. They have also added new features for group engagement.

Facebook Adds More Tools for Group Admins

New Tools for Group Admins

  • Admin Assist. This allows group admins to set up automated rules to moderate group content. The new tool also covers different actions to address content violations. 
  • Branded Content. Public Groups can now host branded content. This allows group admins to earn money via the Brand Collab Manager.
  • Community Management Certification. Facebook now offers online courses to help group admins in building and maintaining communities. 
  • New Group Topics. The function organizes content topics based on hashtags. It allows a group admin to highlight the topic by pinning it on top of the group page. 

New Group Features

  • Chats. Group admins can now start real-time chats within groups.
  • Profile Customization. This feature allows group admins to easily change profile image in different groups. 
  • Prompts. It allows admins to start engagement on a collaborative post and swipe up all responses within the post.
  • Q & A. This feature makes it easier for group admins to host text-based Q & A sessions.

Facebook’s new tools for group admins will initially be available to desktop users on 01 October 2020

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook’s new features and tools for group admins help them manage communities more efficiently. As such, they can better focus on community building. For marketers, including Facebook groups on sponsored content is a new option to increase brand awareness. It allows brands to connect directly to the audiences and form meaningful connections. 

Reference: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/10/supporting-online-communities/


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