Facebook Adds New Range of Group Admin Tools

The main goal of Facebook is to create a worldwide connection between people and communities. That is why the platform is continuously updating its algorithms and tools for a better user experience. Facebook Groups have long been the heart of Facebook communities. Most brands tap into their power to monetize content. Today, Facebook added a new range of group admin tools. Last January, Facebook enabled new engagement alerts to notify group admins when a group post is receiving a big response. With 70 million group admins on the platform, it now adds a new range of similar tools. 

Facebook Groups update

Admin Home

Admin Home is a one-stop shop where group admins can access features, settings, and tools to manage the community. Through a single hub, they can now:

  • Access key tools in a reorganized layout. Admin Home has categorized the tools.
  • Easy access to posts needing attention and reported comments. This is now collated in a “To Review” list.
  • Easy access to any update rolled out in the future.

Facebook Groups update

Comment and Post Moderation

An admin plays a key role in maintaining balance within Facebook Groups. Facebook now allows admins to set up criteria for comment and post moderation. These include:

  • Reducing promotional content by declining comments and posts with specific links.
  • Restricting group members who don’t qualify for several group options.
  • Using Facebook-suggested criteria against negativity and spam. 

Facebook Groups update

Conflict Alerts

A new moderation alert was also added by Facebook using its AI technology. Once AI detects any content violation and contentious or unhealthy conversations, it will notify a group admin. The group admin can temporarily limit how members can comment or post to slow down the conversation.

New Group Admin Functions

Group admins can now tag group rules in comments and posts. Group members can do the same when they report any comment or post violating the rules. Group admins can also now appeal for any content violation on Facebook. This covers comments and posts made by other admins and members. Group admin announcements and pinned comments will now be available to all Facebook Groups.

Facebook adds a new range of group admin tools on 16 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new range of group admin tools from Facebook can make it easier to build and manage a community within the platform. For marketers, this can be an easier way to connect and engage with a group of followers. By reducing conflict and controversies within Facebook groups, brands can better focus on their marketing goals.

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-adds-a-range-of-new-group-admin-tools-including-an-updated-dashbo/601941/


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