Bernie Wong at Branding 360: A Discussion on Brand Evolution

Bernie Wong, owner and founder of Social Stand Limited, took part of Branding 360, the immersive virtual experience dedicated to getting to the heart of branding. Bernie acted as the moderator of the keynote panel titled: “Brand favoritism: the advantage for evolving brands”. He was joined by Alice Leung, branding lead for Accenture Interactive; Charles Hung, CEO & Executive Director of Blue; Rohini Behl, Marketing Director for Fonterra; and Sarah Mathews, Group Head of Destination Marketing APAC for Tripadvisor.
During the keynote panel, they tackled three main points:
  • Winning and dominating the market by understanding brand psychology
  • The secrets to sticky customers that allow them to keep your brand as their favorite
  • From nobody to somebody – the power of brand congruence
The panel members discussed the importance of branding, especially during this time. They discussed the challenges they encountered in bringing their brands to the digital space, and they talked about how their brands were able to regain their consumers’ trust. Consumers’ expectations evolve according to societal conditions, so it is important for brands to meet them halfway and give them what they need.
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