2022 Instagram Statistics for Social Media Managers

2022 Instagram Statistics for Social Media Managers

Instagram keeps their flame burning as Creator Lab debuted just a few days ago. It contains channel growth advice, ideas, monetization advice, and safety rules to assist creators in optimizing their Instagram strategy. The hype doesn’t stop as Giraffe Social Media‘s team has recently placed an overall view of several key Instagram usage stats, which further offers additional background on the platform’s reach and influence.

The overview is shown through an infographic below.

2022 Instagram Statistics for Social Media Managers

According to the infographic, Instagram has an overall 3.8 billion downloads, and more than 95 million media containing photos and videos are being uploaded every day. Much more, users spend 30 minutes on the application 30 minutes in an average per day. 

Lastly, it was recorded that the top social media app has an annual 1.3 billion users and 4 million businesses use the platform to promote and reach their audiences. 

Instagram’s 2022 statistics for social media managers is published on 14 March 2022.

Implication for Marketers:

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms marketers can use to help their businesses have wider audience reach and increase brand awareness. The application offers a wide variety of features that marketers can use, which also support the attention span of the audience and attract them through media. With Instagram offered through different geographical regions, businesses can be promoted globally, not just in specific areas and locations. 

Reference: https://www.giraffesocialmedia.co.uk/essential-instagram-stats-every-social-media-manager-should-know-infographic/

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