11 New Things from Google’s Android 11

Google aims to provide important services to the world through information dissemination. At the same, they want to help businesses succeed in online competition. Last 06 August 2020, Google allowed ads insertion to monetize audio content. Then, they introduced Shoploop on 16 July 2020. This month, Google launches Android 11. It’s the latest version of their pixel phone. Characterized by control, people, and privacy, there are 11 new things from Google’s Android 11.

New Ways of Control

  1. Full-Screen Power Menu. Android 11 features a revamped power menu. A full screen will show after pressing the lock button. It shows dedicated shortcuts to toggle on and off multiple apps. 
  2. Redesigned Media Controls. Media controls were also redesigned into quick settings. This is to quickly switch between media devices like headphones or speakers. It also has a new ripple effect for pause, play, forwarding, and rewind of audios. 
  3. Android Auto. What’s best is that Android 11 now works wirelessly with compatible vehicles. 

New Ways for People to Communicate

  1. Bubbles. The new bubble feature allows users to focus on an entire message thread. 
  2. Built-In Screen Recorder. It’s now more convenient to capture and share by recording sound from your microphone, device, or both. No extra tap is needed after recording.
  3. Conversations. There’s now a dedicated section on Android 11 called “Conversations.” It houses all notifications on your messaging apps. It makes it easier for users to switch between multiple messages and communicate with people they care about. 
  4. Verified Calls. To make phone calls less annoying, Google previously rolled out call screening and spam detection. With the Android 11, it now introduces “Verified Calls.” These calls come from businesses accredited by Google. A user who receives a call from them will view the business name logo and the reason for calling. 

New Phone Privacy Control

  1. Auto-Disable Unused Apps. Unused apps on Android 11 will be disabled to avoid consuming too much data. Notifications will prompt users to choose whether to disable or re-grant app permissions.
  2. One-time Permissions. Android 11 owners can now allow single access to a camera, location, and microphone. It will auto-reset after an extended time. 
  3. Privacy and Security Fixes. There’s no need to wait for a full OS update in Android 11. Users will be notified with privacy and security fixes every time they’re available.  
  4. Work Profile. Android 11 protects the personal privacy of Android Enterprise users. IT departments can only access your work profile to manage your device. This is without access to your profile on the phone. 

People can explore 11 new things from Google’s Android 11 as of 08 September 2020. Initially, it applies to select OnePlus, OPPO, Pixel, realme, and Xiaomi phones. More partners will be covered in the coming months. 

Implications for Marketers:

These 11 new things from Google’s Android 11 signals the importance of flexibility in marketing. They may not be revolutionary to marketers but they are something to note. Verified calls can be of interest to brands using phone outreach. What’s most important is for brands to keep innovating ways to market. With the ever-changing communication and control tools, consistent brand marketing always stands out. 

Reference: https://blog.google/products/android/android-11/


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