YouTube Updates Its Terms of Service

In the past few months, YouTube has been rolling out significant changes to help brands market and monetize the platform. It enabled smart replies and Stories insights. It has also updated its Studio Dashboard. Recently, YouTube updates its terms of services.

YouTube’s updated terms of service now allow the platform to insert ads on videos not under the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). This means that any videos not enrolled in YPP may now have ads in their content but will not get any revenue. As such, Creators should register under YPP. In the long run, viewers may not be able to view uninterrupted YouTube videos. 

Another change is that YouTube will now be treating U.S. video ad revenues from YPP as royalties. Also, YouTube will explicitly ban the gathering of facial recognition data within the platform.

YouTube updates its terms of services as of 18 November 2020. It will immediately take effect in the United States. For countries outside the U.S., it will take effect by mid-2021.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s updated terms of service is a clear move to increase revenue in the platform. For marketers, this can open opportunities to increase reach using YouTube video ads. They should focus on getting brands on the platform. With YouTube ads, you can better connect to your target audience and measure performance easily. They’ve also proven to lift brand awareness and conversion.


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