YouTube Introduces “Moment Blast” and Expanded Audio Ads

As part of its Advertising Week New York exhibit, YouTube introduced three new ad alternatives, including “Moment Blast” for Connected TV marketers and new audio ads for YouTube listeners.

Moment Blast

According to YouTube, “Moment Blast is designed for brands looking to raise awareness during key moments – like major sporting events, movie releases or product launches. Moment Blast gives advertisers prime positioning on YouTube Select content on connected TVs (CTV) and other devices, plus a Branded Title Card and optional Masthead placement.”

YouTube Select lets marketers target specialist and category-specific audiences with selected video content.

YouTube is extending its audio advertisements internationally, including podcast targeting, to help marketers reach engaged app users.

Product Feeds

YouTube also offers Discovery advertisements for product feeds. Product feeds allow readers to effortlessly tap through and buy your stuff. Targeted product placement might increase YT marketing response.

YouTube Introduces Moment Blast and expanded audio ads on 18 October 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

With Moment Blast, marketers can better magnify their messaging across various platforms, which may be a smart idea for those trying to optimize their reach. On the other hand, Targeted product placement might increase YT marketing response.


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