YouTube Enables Automatic Segmentation of Clips

YouTube Enables Automatic Segmentation of Clips

Here are some more updates for YouTubers! Today, YouTube enables the automatic segmentation of clips. This is the official rollout of automated video chapters that have been in testing since November 2020. It automatically segments a video into different sections using machine learning. YouTube is now making such automated features available for all clips.

Starting today, all new videos uploaded on YouTube will automatically be segmented. YouTube creators can turn the feature on and off. To enable automated segmentation, just click on edit video, show more, and toggle the option to allow automated video chapters when available or eligible.  To disable the feature, go to YouTube Studio settings, click upload default, and advanced settings to untick automated video chapters. YouTube also notes that the automatic segmentation may not be available or may not work well for all video clips. Creators can also manually edit video chapters to override automated video chapters.

YouTube enables automatic segmentation of clips on 14 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s automatic segmentation of clips aims to improve navigation and SEO within the platform. For marketers, such an option makes it easier to create more effective video ads. With automatic segmentation, it will be easier for brands to identify the best video thumbnails they can highlight in their uploads.


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