YouTube Celebrates Its Annual FanFest Virtually This 2020

YouTube celebrates its annual fanfest virtually this 2020. The platform has been celebrating YouTube FanFest since 2013. The event showcases the Asia Pacific region’s creativity and talent. It’s participated by big stars all over the world. This year, YouTube is empowering monetization by launching new creator tools. These include mid-roll ads, smart replies, Stories insights on creator dashboard, and updated audience insights

YouTube FanFest this year goes virtual. It’s the very first time the platform experiments with such a kind of event. This is to keep participants safe from COVID-19.  A live broadcast of the event will allow fans to watch 150 global artists and talented creators showcase their creativity. The lineup will include these YouTuber stars:

YouTube also adds a dance movement to add fun to the event. The platform invited fans to upload unique dance videos with Matt Steffanina on a virtual stage. Using an AI body segmentation, they were able to come up with jaw-dropping performances. 

YouTube celebrates its annual fanfest virtually on 02 November 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube FanFest 2020 is a celebration of diversity and freedom among the YouTube community. For marketers, this event highlights creative design solutions they can use for campaigns and online events. The AI body segmentation used in the dance movement is a tool that they can harness to build interactive campaigns. Such a new trend can increase brand awareness and conversion.


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