X Platform Empowers All Eligible Users with Expanded Ad Revenue Sharing

X platform has announced a significant expansion of its ad revenue sharing program to encompass all eligible users. This move represents a major step in empowering content creators to monetize their posts and generate income from ads displayed alongside their content.

The previous ad revenue sharing program was limited to a select group of high-profile users, but now the platform is extending the opportunity to all eligible users, regardless of their follower count or reach. By opening up the revenue-sharing feature to a wider audience, X platform aims to create a more inclusive environment that rewards and encourages content creators of all sizes.

Monetizing content has been a major challenge for many creators, especially those with smaller followings, but this update is expected to change that. Now, more creators will have the chance to earn from their content, which could lead to a surge in creativity and diverse content on the platform.

For users to participate in the program, they need to meet certain eligibility criteria set by X platform. Details about these requirements have not been fully disclosed, but it is expected to be based on factors such as content quality, community guidelines adherence, and engagement metrics.

X platform empowers all eligible users with expanded ad revenue sharing on 28 July 2023.

Implication for Marketers:

By incentivizing creators to stay and produce high-quality content, X platform can increase user retention and attract new creators. This, in turn, could drive user engagement and time spent on the platform, enhancing its overall appeal to advertisers.

Reference: https://twitter.com/X/status/1684992405626372096

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