WhatsApp Introduces “Carts” for Easier Shopping

WhatsApp is building up tools that ease business-to-consumer connections. The platform added new business features such as catalogs, QR Codes, Shop button, and Stickers. They have also expanded the use of Facebook Pay in other regions. Today, WhatsApp introduces “Carts” for easier shopping.

WhatsApp Introduces “Carts” for Easier Shopping

Carts allow WhatsApp users to browse business catalogs, choose as many products they want to buy, and “add it to cart” to directly check out. If you want to add more or edit your cart, you can tap “view cart” and make modifications. For businesses, “Carts” make it easier to close sales. It also helps them keep track of customer inquiries and requests.

WhatsApp introduces “Carts” for easier shopping effective 08 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Just in time for the holidays, WhatsApp “Carts” will make online shopping easier. As WhatsApp is becoming a forefront where people coordinate sales and discuss products, marketers should consider using “Carts” to increase conversion. Digital shops are rising, and “Carts” can be one significant online tool that can make an impact.

Reference: https://blog.whatsapp.com/making-it-easier-to-shop-on-whatsapp-with-carts

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