What OmniPork Has Taught Me About Marketing

I once ordered an “impossible beef burger” with a friend during a happy hour more than a year ago. My friend did not even know that the burger he ate with relish was plant-based meat. The Impossible brand, which is quite popular overseas, is not as highly raved about as OmniPork’s in Hong Kong. Different people who have tried it have different reactions towards its taste and texture. Karena Lam’s endorsement is a bonus for first impressions. Branding and marketing strategies also deserve high praise.

Marketing Strategies Must Be Agile

I am a big fan of luncheon meat. I remember that OmniPork was first launched in May with not much advertisement. The reviews on its taste were pretty good then. As a luncheon meat lover, what I wasn’t particularly fond of was the thickness of the patty. Great for those who like thin and crispy burgers, but a disappointment if you prefer thicker cuts. In this particular crossover with McDonald’s promotion, it seems that OmniPork considered the opinions of its first batch of diners. Soon after, the company came up with an exclusive product for McDonald’s outlets with a 15mm thick-cut version being served.

In the digital world, it is common to carry out pilot testing for products or marketing efforts. Remember when Gmail was in beta for several years? For large-scale marketing campaigns, in addition to doing A/B testing on the advertisement itself, and if time permits, I would also suggest for brands to collect the opinions of your target customers. Including a pilot test in your planning phase is a good way to gain user research and modify your product – if needed – for a better launch in the market. 

Of course, every marketing campaign needs to be monitored for effectiveness. Don’t wait for the campaign to end before reviewing the final results. Rather, stay nimble, adaptable, and update your marketing efforts based on the response. This should be factored into every digital marketing plan.

Selling an Ideal Concept

Green Monday is a firm advocate of vegetarianism which it envisions to make a positive impact on the world. David also personally goes about delivering speeches and championing this cause. The Green Monday brand promotes sustainable living and projects the ideals embodied by vegetarianism for a better future.

The consumers of today don’t only consider the features and price of products before buying. You will easily lose customers if you rely on price alone to attract buyers. Online shoppers are smarter. They can easily compare prices across products and platforms.

The younger generation focuses more on whether the concept promoted by the brand is visionary and resonates with their convictions. The value that brands provide is a key determining factor in purchasing behaviors. When it comes to marketing, brand marketers should go beyond simply marketing product features and prices. They should make the effort to help the public understand the values that the brands uphold. This is to achieve a breakthrough and gain an even greater following of fans.

It’s Important for Marketing to Be on Point

In the past, vegetarian food usually is termed as “old-fashioned” and “tasteless,” “not many options,” and even “bad taste.” After years of marketing effort, everyone has positive associations with what vegetarianism embodies.

In this crossover with McDonald’s, the effect of Green Monday’s marketing efforts probably exceeds the commercial gains. Consumers are curious about how plant-based meat tastes like, whether it lives up to expectations or misses the target. When it comes to location and price, the threshold for consumers to try new types of food is low. They may instead pursue the underlying brand concept further if they find it novel.

Even great products and concepts also need cool packaging. Although the retail packaging crossover with McDonald’s still has some room for improvement, hats off to Green Monday’s successful marketing campaign!


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