Update a Business Profile on Google Search and Maps

The expanding digital market brought about by the pandemic prompted Google to enhance the platform. Last 07 July 2020, it added smart recommendations on Google ads and campaigns. Today it allows profile admins to update a business profile on Google Search and Maps.


Google has noted more than 15 million edits on business profiles monthly. To make things easier, it now allows us to update a business profile on Google search and maps. Business admins can also create posts and reply to reviews on the said page. As mentioned, this is an enhancement. Businesses can still update the said information on their profile page. Google also rolls out a revamped performance page. The customer insights will now refresh monthly. Verified business profiles can take advantage of the said updates.

You can now update a business profile on Google search and maps as of 13 August 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

It’s an essential initiative for Google to allow updating a business profile on Google search and maps. It cuts the hassle of logging in to the business platform to do so. It also makes the search and map page more accessible and responsive. For marketers, it’s worth taking a look. Now, it will be easier to showcase a brand and update information promptly.

Reference: https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/small-business/business-profile-maps-and-search/