Twitter Tests Community Audio Chats

Twitter’s latest test allows Communities managers to establish audio Spaces in their groups to boost smaller community interaction.

Twitter Community admins may now start group-only audio chats.

All group members may listen in when a Community Space is launched in the Space bar at the top of your home timeline. Visitors to a community can view and join a Space made there, but only members can react and participate.

Reddit Talks and Facebook’s Community Audio Channels are comparable. Of course, Facebook has abandoned its larger social audio push, which was inspired by Clubhouse’s unexpected surge, and enthusiasm for audio interaction alternatives has faded down, but chat tools like these may still have niche uses.

Twitter tests community audio chats on 12 October 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

This method improves discovery. You join groups on themes you like, therefore the audio talks you see in the app should be more relevant.


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