Twitter Tests a 30-Minute Edit Button

Twitter Tests a 30-Minute Edit Button

Last June, Twitter introduced Notes, a WordPress option to publish a blog on Twitter. Since Notes are editable, the clamor for tweet editing rises. Today, Twitter tests a 30-minute edit button.

Twitter Tests a 30-Minute Edit Button

Nima Owji, an app developer & researcher, tweets about the update. An image shows that Twitter is now working on an edit button. Furthermore, a prompt states that users can only edit the tweet within 30 minutes after posting. A timer will show the time left for a user to edit the tweet. Once the time is over, another prompt will show that the user can no longer edit the tweet. For embedded tweets, a marker will show if an author edits the tweet after posting.

Twitter tests a 30-minute edit button on 03 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

The 30-minute edit button is a great start for Twitter marketers to easily enhance ads and campaigns as needed. It can also be a means to experiment with brand messaging using editable tweets.


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