Twitter Simplifies GIF Creation

Twitter Simplifies GIF Creation

GIF stands for a graphic interchange format. These animated reactions are gaining popularity because they are an eye-catching and quicker way to communicate via emotions. That is why, after launching full-width visual displays, Twitter simplifies GIF creation.

Twitter Simplifies GIF Creation

Right now, Twitter users can easily turn their photos into a GIF to tweet. When you go to the camera of a Twitter iOS app, users will see a new GIF option beside Capture, Live, and Video. All the user needs to do is click and hold the record button to film a GIF. Then, the user can tweet it as easily as a pie. The update is an easier way to upload GIFs on tweets.

Twitter simplifies GIF creation on 22 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s simplified GIF is a small but good innovation. GIFs are more interesting to the eye than static images. It can help marketers add movement to an ad or campaign to boost discovery and engagement.


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