Twitter Scales Its Advertising Tools

Twitter Scales Its Advertising Tools

The main goal of Twitter today is to drive profit for brands, businesses, and creators. Recently, the platform enabled location spotlights, product drops, and Shopify partnerships. Today, Twitter scales its advertising tools.

Twitter Scales Its Advertising Tools

App Purchase Optimization

Twitter launches an app purchase optimization tool. It helps advertisers to deliver ads to people who are most likely to install an app or lean to machine learning. The product’s early testing showed an 89% reduction in cost-per-purchase. It is currently available via Android and will soon be launched to iOS.

Twitter Scales Its Advertising Tools

Conversion API

Twitter introduces the Conversion API (CAPI). It allows advertisers to integrate 3rd party applications for events. It aims to maintain privacy and security while improving valuable insights for brands and businesses.

Twitter Scales Its Advertising Tools

Improved Twitter Pixel

Twitter Pixel is a measurement solution to track conversion. An improved pixel provides more performance measurements. One notable insight is when someone adds an item to a digital cart. It also simplifies the event creation process to set up seamless measurement solutions.

Twitter scales its advertising tools on 16 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

As Twitter scales its advertising tools, it can help marketers boost campaign performance and maximize ad spend. With 217 million daily active users, no brand can go wrong promoting products and services on Twitter.


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