Twitter Removes Some Third-Party Tweet Management Tools

Twitter Removes Some Third-Party Tweet Management Tools

Twitter has recently announced that it will be revoking access to certain third-party tweet management tools. The decision was made in an effort to improve the security and privacy of user data. 

As a result, some third-party tools will no longer be able to access certain features such as the ability to schedule tweets, and users will have to use Twitter’s native scheduling tools instead. The company emphasized that these changes will have no effect on the majority of its users, but it will affect some third-party apps that have been relying on the now-restricted features. 

Twitter removes some third-party management tools on 15 January 2023.

Implications to Marketers:

The move is intended to improve the security of user data, and to ensure that users have more control over the data that is shared with third-party apps.


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